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We cannot know, not understand the values in other cultures…

We grew up with western thinking and evaluating, and this shapes us so strong that we can only think, see and evaluate in this way. But everything can be seen also completely differently, and there is a large variety of different ways of seeing in our world. Thus life in many other countries means somewhat completely different than with us, and accordingly the naturally felt rights are also different.

We believe, to be able to evaluate what is correct, and if we then discover people, who come from another background, then our value feeling will not apply to them. But they have other values, which have at least as much authorization as ours, and are often even much more beautiful, since they do not yet live for money, as we do. We are slaves of money and can not understand it, how one can be a slave of the family community.

In the west we believe, that the value of our life is, what we can do and what we have, as well as to determine for how long we live. In other cultures life is actually not that fixed on oneself, but somehow seen as impersonal, which simply exists, of which one is only one part. Their lives are something, in which one does not have to run after an idea, but something that is as it is. There comes ever more life, even if one dies personally. And the same is also the feeling about time, that ever more time comes, it does not run away.

If we from the west then try to bring with our products also our values into other countries, then we do not see that there is initially no need for them. But over time these develop naturally, at expense of the other values which then will be destroyed. And because the people there do not have the same experience as we, they cannot recognize the side effects of the new needs, and/or become conscious of them. This foreign body destroys then their way of life.

Naturally not everything is good, which is there in other cultures as values, exactly the same as with ours, but we would help the situation and humans only, if we give them the possibility to become conscious of their values, so that they can transform these consciously, because only then creation happens instead of killing off, only then can something develop in accordance with their situation, which is probably not that, which we created for ourselves. Because there is not only one right way, everything changes itself constantly, and this will never stop, since life is constantly developing itself further, new consciousness comes like also new tasks (challenges to mankind) that must be solved, in order to be able to survive, but also new possibilities will arise.

We will have to learn to see most diverse values not as contradiction but as enriching. The truth is something absolute, but applied to something alive it is naturally not firmly definable. Only the interest, not in oneself, but in the creation of the alive, can show what is true. And therein all most different cultures can meet.


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why do we destroy our world and its variety, before we try to understand it...