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Everything of meaning is being suppressed

Whenever somebody does anything of meaning for humanity, then some force or movement will appear to stop its continuation. To the individual people this will not be consciously, they will admire that which he does for humanity, even want to own that as an idea and want to protect it, but they will make the continuation of what they admire impossible, by their desire to conserve it, they even destroy it without noticing. This is because anything which has meaning for humanity is something alive, which is constantly reacting new to the circumstances, which can not be planned, and which can not be conserved.

Even governments and authorities recognize on one hand something as important for humanity, as something with which they like to show themselves, but because it is not something which comes from the head, but from a much deeper conviction, therefore they also see it as a threat for the status quo, and that is in the end true with anything of meaning. Therefore in the end with their actions, they will suppress the continuation of anything with meaning for humanity, freeze it, or even ban it. So it comes, that if someone does a work from within himself, which improves the social situation of the population not only as an image, he will be hindered earlier or later by the government, be it by being banned from the country, the area, or from the work.

Because people who only know the life experience of rich people, or only know that of poor people will rarely take initiative to create anything of meaning for humanity, it will be usually individuals who on one hand have experienced the life and way of seeing of rich educated people, and on the other hand have lived that of poor uneducated people (voluntarily). And of these individuals, the governments are thinking that they belong to the rich educated ones, and have to support the desires in development as they are seeing it, which means profit maximizing and a life in illusion. And therefore they are not allowing one to live and work with the uneducated poor. The ability to renounce is making people in governments afraid, afraid because the potential of change with meaning, which will reveal that the life style of the rich educated is in the long term not sustainable, except if only for a small minority under exploitation of the poor majority.

The ones who have experienced both sides, are not allowed to renunciate the luxurious lifestyle, even though anybody who does not renunciate himself is a hypocrite, if he is saying that he wants to do something for the improvement of the human situation. Therefore one who wants to change something with meaning for humanity, can only do it unseen from the public, or he has to do it in a confrontative way, which will mean that he has to be willing to risk everything, including his liberty or his life. Without these individuals life on earth would be hopeless, and it is still them who's life we make very hard.

Why was our earth created this way? Why is it not created in a way that only good is possible? The interest behind the creation of the physical universe as a whole is to materialize, to create something which not already is, for an endless stream of development. Development of what? Of something absolute good, something indestructible good, of a force within an individual that can not be corrupted, of something absolute that comes from something relative.

Therefore there has to be suffering in the material world, therefore there must be free will for every individual to choose bad or good, and we always have this free will, even if our choice will lead to endless suffering for ourselves in order to not create suffering for others. Without the possibility to choose the worst imaginable evil, it will not be possibility that something inherently good will be created, it will not be possible to develop an absolute good force, there will be no way that the difference will be revealed, then all would only be relative.

Therefore the material universe was created as it is, or more correct it is constantly continuing to be created further, develops constantly further with new possibilities that have not existed until now, in order to allow the potential for the unimaginable good, because something absolute does not know any borders, does not know any end. The force that created all which is (God), the force without that nothing could exist, because it is the only force that there is, has given us the free choice to do with it whatever we want, but its absolute potential will only come to power, if we unite our will with its will for the absolute good, when we will become one with it through our actions. Only then the absolute beauty of that which is possible will be revealed, and through that the purpose of the material universe.

The relative in this world like suffering and ruling is then irrelevant, it is only of meaning in relation the development history of something which is indestructible beyond the physical universe, something which could not arise without the suffering and the possibility of evil. And in order for this to work, limitless forgiving is necessary, so that the bad of the past can not have any influence on the possibility of something good in the future. It is only important what we do now in relation to others, our actions right now are all which defines what we are in the end. Anything which we create, material or intellectual, is relative and will die, is only a short lived expression of the process of life, which we can never own.


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