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New Africa (excerpt from Mali report)

The conditions in West Africa are now changing in a way, that I believe that West Africa does no longer need moral assistance, and the research is no longer necessary, since everything will be done in the future by companies (investors), and local social initiatives, which are much better than aid from outside. All which Africa needs now is to be accepted, and it is in the process to become very good, but with side effects, caused by the lack of culture (disappearing culture) through that change. But all people have to go through these side effects. Without it, development of awareness and consciousness in the society is not possible.

I can imagine that Africa (perhaps not Ethiopia) will have a better life and society in the future, than Europe has now, if the side effects of the new development will be overcome (by social structures in the form of many social initiatives), because it is more open and flexible to new changes, and I see in some people a new interest to create change without own benefit, just from the community for the community. Of course, many changes will be necessary, but they must come from within, so that it is not just an idea, but also creates permanent change through new awareness and conscoiusness.

I think in other places, the changes became only possible, because the awareness of people there had changed, who lived around someone with a new vision of life. This is possible, if there is a closed society, which is independent from the development in the rest of the country. This is for example in the highlands of Ethiopia, but not in West Africa. Therefore in West Africa, the process must take place in the whole society. This does not mean that every person has (gains) the new awareness and consciousness (I don't mean self-awareness, but awareness of ones own actions in relation to the whole process). The bad side effects of the new development which now begins, will cause new awareness and consciousness , because without that, the side effects would destroy the whole society.

I think that development aid organizations should no longer carry out projects, and should not give money or goods (except in emergencies). They should only help with strategy, where knowledge is lacking, with ideas where there is no experience, with exchange where there are no contacts, with training where this is lacking, especially in social issues, participation, education, decision making etc., but not creating practically on their own. The local people have to want and initiate this themselves, otherwise there is no development, because development is not what one has, but only how one thinks and what one does. If everything is brought from outside, there will be no respect for it, and it will disappear again very soon, because nobody cares about it. But for this to work, we must give Africa equal rights, allowing Africa to develop independently of western countries (economically and in culture).


Consciousness and Culture

The lack of awareness in the traditional society is a disadvantage of the family community, in which responsibility is not something someone chooses, but something which is part of the culture. There is no responsibility by awareness, and therefore it does not has development. Because of this, the beautiful culture has to be destroyed, so that development becomes possible. The earth and the progress of the life-process is in such a way, that new is only possible, through the destruction of the old, if it should lead to more awareness. Even nature is in this way, although it creates the same again, which does not involve awareness, except in people where it changes how one lives.

Are people able to change because of awareness, or does awareness exist because people change? I think the reason for life on earth is, the creation of awareness and consciousness, and therefore all the culture that we create must also pass again, in order to enable something new, which previously was not possible, to (in accordance with) changing the reality in which we live, which allows others to go even further. But where to, that will be our responsibility, because we have the awareness. And in the future this will be much more so than now, independently as well as in a whole community of the entire earth.

This consciousness is not only thinking, it is mainly on a higher level than thinking, it is a recognition which has nothing to do with arguments, which is more directly connected with action, than thoughts are, it is the presence of the divine (the presence of God), and it creates, looks and acts in a dimension which the mind does not reach. But the mind can, when it serves the "consciousness with responsibility" follow this, and can be useful as a "servant" to achieve the new. Development is not only necessary in poor countries to participate in the world development, development is also the reason for existence of everything that physically exists, therefore developing is a much higher task than to do it out of beeing pity with others, we have to do it, it can not be given, certainly not in the form of money or material.


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