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Life becomes only interesting, if one stops to live for oneself…

A life for oneself, will always express the lack of something, it will never become full with all there is, as it should be. If one begins however not to live for oneself, but for something bigger, which concerns all humans, or at least all humans around oneself, then one does not depend any longer on which one would like, then one can also not lose anything, then everything is as it comes, part of the whole, and therefore cannot be a problem.

There are many wonderful things to discover on our earth , but also the cruelest ones, one can imagine. All these possibilities for each extreme are important, so that on this earth the free will can develop, so that decision can happen. Because of this possibility of the own decision for everything, development is possible. That includes naturally also the bad development, but what is the good will of humans worth, if it does not have to decide always again against the temptation of the bad one?

It came not coincidental to this form of life, only in this form in which we live, can something develop itselves like a conscience. A conscience for a total development of life itself, because actual life never stops, it always continues. The interest in personal life will never lead to the interest in development. But if the personal becomes unimportant, an urge develops to serve the whole development of mankind, to be part of the best possible, or to still make it more perfect.

This is the reason, why there is life at all, life in material form, whereby also suffering becomes possible. Without this life, with the material body, God can not be expressed, it will express itself only if it can live within humans. To be part of this process is the most beautiful, for which one can live. And if someone lives this, everything which is necessary, in order to be able to fulfill this, will also happen, nothing can stand in the way of it.

However Gods force does not worriy about the personal well-being, or personal survival, but it is on the other hand an overwhelming force, which one does not notice, since then one does not look on oneself. But other people around one, will notice it. This creates not only new facts, but also new possibilities for all other people.


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