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Development as identity is arrogance

Development is something that happens locally and in bursts of time, always where people or a part of them no longer appreciate the value of our earth, but believe that they can do it better than nature, better than God who gives us everything in a perfect form that we can never fully understand. Development is therefore not something natural, even if it looks like it must inevitably happen. Development is a repetition of the Fall in Paradise, which is what makes consciousness, change and development possible in the first place. Consciousness is an experiment that God has given to humans on purpose, with all its disadvantages and risks for the earth, because there is not only the possibility for the best, but also the worst. Even in the early times before Christ lived, development was always a wrong path of arrogance towards God, nature and other people, and it has always ultimately led to ruin. It is no different today where development is viewed as identity.

The countries which live in a highly developed stage cause much suffering and ruin for those who live in undeveloped cultures. And the rich in countries that are in development, cause much suffering and ruin for those in their country who do not share the profit and greed which are the interests of development. Development does not go without sacrifice. Life forms, values, ways of thinking, culture and nature are sacrificed for a promising system. A system in which everyone has to fulfill a role for the system. There are also people who mutate into tyrants without a system, and cultures can also exert compulsion, but such a system is not a system for people, but requires that people be there for the system, with the promise of consumption and perfectionism, which is dead. In this system, everything should run in a regular way, everyone should learn full-time as a child instead of playing, and as an adult work full-time in a large company instead of doing or building something individually or with friends.

People who still live in cultures that are one with nature, who know that they cannot live without nature, who do not understand what these systems and developments are for, they only see greed, restriction, destruction and worthlessness. They also see how the quality of life is much worse despite the high consumption, because the products make people sick, weak and dependent. E.g. they are told more and more in advertising how good and natural the food products are, even though they often only eat plastic. Forcing people living in nature into it inevitably leads to conflicts, even if sometimes only internally, and so in many places on our earth there are wars between natural tribes and companies that exploit the planet for profit until nothing is left, until Life which is depending on technology, will be really very difficult on this earth and all structures will collapse. Only then will we doubt the benefit of development, only when it is too late ...


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