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The variety of the cultures and nature is what makes our earth so beautiful…

There is, caused by economic globalization, the effort to make everything everywhere alike, in the name of simplification for travelers and for the propagation of the economy, as well as power. This helps the companies to develop everywhere the same consumer interests.

But really life is not there for consumption, products are there for life. Nevertheless cultures should not be created by commercial companies, and also not by governments, in the service of companies. Genuine culture is something alive which can be created only by the society, by humans acting not in a certain isolated interest, and also not in any personal interest, but by humans, who work selfless on the advancement of the whole.

Within the next years we will erase and replace about 90% of our cultures, ways of thinking and values, by consumption as well as by nonsense. Humans are filled so much with opinion and wrong interests, that nobody notices anymore the endless emptiness that spreads.

Perhaps many people believe, that by alikeness unity would be created and through that peace, but I believe that peace can come only from promotion and embracing of variety. The wealth of our earth is that variety, and no culture is better than another one, only what we make of it is different at times, it varies. This variety includes also to think in different ways, which is not comprehensible by the other cultures in each case, but we can discover quite new values through exchange and an not judging openness in another continent. We become nowadays better and better in the passive creation of peace, but that is not really creating, but rather bearing. Active creation of peace is active promotion of variety of the cultures.

The way in which the rich of this world are seeing security today, is only security for the rich on cost of life (security) of the poor, it creates insecurity for the poor. Creating security for all human beeings, can not be achieved by separation and exclusion, but only through openness, equality and sharing of the resources of the earth among all people, according to the needs, because there is enough available, if not some demand everything for themselves, because that is what creates insecurity through rebellion against injustice.


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why do we destroy our world and its variety, before we try to understand it...