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People, who live still in such a way, lived like it in the last thousands of years (like many humans world-wide), are nowadays forgotten and ignored by those, who think to know the world.

The forgotten ones know only their direct environment, and live only by this, in communion with this, and know life only like that, as it is usually very hard and rough, but without the illusions of those, who think to know the world.

The forgotten ones actually live only for life, they do not yet participate in forming the society, and have not yet made the step, of recognizing the world-wide dependancy, of the need to get along with each other, the lacking of resources (causes by greed in the world), and have therefore also still no responsibility for the world. This is still like that since the last thousands of years, and should not be despised.

But we, who have Internet, who know about the problems of the earth, which we have produced ourselves, we have responsibility for the life and its development. If we do not personally do everything for it, in order to prevent suffering and destruction, as well as utilization, then we are jointly guilty for spoiling the world by greed.

Because in our age the whole world is dependent on each other, in order to be able to live, therefore we must also think and act for each other. We must become a world-wide community, without egoism. Because of the world-wide dependency and possibilities created by us, we stand before the choice, either continue as before, and to destroy each other and ourselves, without noticing it, or to develop ourselves to more perfect humans, who are able to live for each other, and create a better world than there ever was.

To which part do you want to belong? You make the decision by your acts, not by your expressions…


Who is responsible if not you?

If everyone thinks only actually about his own life, then others will have the opportunity, by politics, money or other power, to use this to take everything of the population out which they are able to take. That is the nature of humans, and most humans would act exactly the same, if they had the chance to do so. In many countries, where this culture is tradition, the entire society on all levels functions by this principle to make other humans dependent on themself and (forced by this dependence) to then use it, in order to attain own advantages. This goes so far that bad acts, which one does under this obligations are not seen as bad, but the obligation itself (the art of persuasion) is regarded as strength.

On a local level, where everyone is connected with everyone, this does not lead to disaster, but can quite be a life organizing principle. But on national or international level, this usually leads to large unfairness and unnecessary suffering of the majority of humans. It needs people, who are willing to be thrown out of the society, because they seize responsibility for the community. Responsibility for the community does not mean to do, what most people want from oneself, but to do the best, which makes the advancement for the whole community possible, to make the best possible in handling with one another. Because material and/or consumption can be no measurement, only which humans do to other humans and the environment can be measurement.

In order to reach this, it requires individual persons, the more the better, who give their life up in the personal interest, in order to do, what fundamentally everyone knows that it must be done. But since this shows, what is possible, if one is not egoistic, then this behavior inevitably will create as many enemies as friends. The truth will become obvious around these people, and that is not easy. But a genuine activist will be in a condition, in which everything else makes no sense, where he feels a longing, which pulls him to do more, and he would never be happy anymore with a usual life. But even though one feels so much abandoned in this right acting for the community, nevertheless this is the only source where one finds true blessedness.

Naturally, someone who does not only talk beautiful words, but simply acts, after the realizations of which is most important for the whole, are always accused for being irresponsible, because in acting for the whole much is destroyed, which stands well-being of the whole in the way, which serves only some personal interests of individuals, or isolated groups, to split itself off the whole, in order to gain personal comfort. Therefore activism will always be regarded as an evil.

But if no one seizes responsibility for the community, for the whole development of the whole earth, then the earth would become a terrible place for most humans and for the environment, in which humans would constantly fight and slaughter each other, in the fight for the exploited resources.

Activism can look very different, but what connects people, that act for the environment, the society, the suppressed ones or for the highest possible potential of the development, is the consequence of not acting egoistically, doing nothing out of an interest in the personal, but always see each situation in connection with the whole, to be not personally conscious, to carry no picture of oneself, but to see the picture of the whole, with which one identifies itself. Then one gives control of what one does away from the personal, to the whole. What one does is then guided by the situation of the whole in which one lives, one will be able to act and to react completely differently, without any restriction by the personal.

It will look in such a way for others, as if one would have much more strength and possibilities than others, but one can see nothing of that, since it is not personal strength that does this, but another much bigger, for which there are no limitations. However this impersonal force can work only if we act in its interest and, give up to be in control, give up to be able to measure or see the results ourselves.


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