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You say that you have chosen your religion? Have you not been born into the Christian religion in Europe for an inexplicable reason, like someone born in Arabia into Muslim religion?

You really think that everyone chooses his religion? If that were so, then would you not have to expect some of your friends and relatives to become Muslims? For example your wife?

And if all people really choose their religion, what about nationality? Are you not just born into it without knowing why?

You really think in your country everything is better than in the other countries? And if you learn to love another country, because of the other way of living there, would you not only then become able to see the way of life of your own country? You really think if you know only one way of life from your experience, that you can see or even judge your own way of life? Is that not only possible from the outside when you know more than one? You think we chose our nationality? Who other than the rich in this world can do that? And if we really choose our nationality, and a political war begins, do you fight for the country or the way of life in which you were born, or for the one you want to choose?

Would war between countries still be possible if everyone could choose which country he is fighting for? Have you really chosen your way of life? Does not every soldier fights only for the country he was born in, or in colonial countries where he was forced to?

If no one has chosen for whom he fights, why is murdering on behalf of one government duty and a crime on behalf of another?

And you think you have chosen to work a lot and to be rich, to be able to buy everything? Do you think that a poor person in a third world country has chosen poverty? He would definitely deny that. Why then have you the right to consume in wealt what is given to you alone? And why do you have the right to exploit the other people in third world countries with the money that is given to you, by taking all the raw materials of this earth, so that you and your rich friends can use everything alone?

Do you not worry that people's rights are not the same? That money has more rights than humans? Do you think if for an unpredictable reason you would not be above all other people, that you would not consider this situation as justified? So why do you force all the other people with other ways of life and values ​​into your system, where only money counts?

Money is poison ... in small quantities it can help, in large amounts it destroys everything ...

Do you really choose?

You think by buying expensive products, you would create better situations for the environment and more social just situations for the third world? Do you not know that money always comes back to the rich, that giving to poor disadvantaged does not work because too many rich are involved in the process, who keep a part to themselves, so that nothing arrives at the poor?

You think you can choose not to exploit the resources of the earth and poor people in the third world, because you live in a well-regulated country? Do you really think consumption is possible without exploitation? Do you not know that the only possibility to not participate in the exploitation, is to get out of the rich world and to live like the poor?

Really choosing how to live, to change ones life so that it has not just a new image but really changes things, is not allowed, neither the governments of the first world, nor the governments of the third world allowing that. Really choosing is a revolution if you live not only in hiding for yourself and your friends. To choose is not tolerated in this world, it endangers the status quo. And with money you can not choose change, this is just an illusion, a new image ...


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