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The scale of development aid given by aid organizations in various countries in Africa is very unbalanced, but there is often a good reason for that, for example the rigid church culture of the Christian region of northern Ethiopia was established by a king 500 years ago and still exists in a way, that nothing will change there in the next 100 years without a major effort, while the Moslems in Mali are very open for change. In Ethiopia there is much more change in the external image of the cities than in Mali, but there is no change of thinking, which is happening in Mali. Mali is changing without education from outside. However, it would be good if people would be aware of these differences, because it is making awareness and consciousness within Africa possible, which only few people have (in west Africa), and others not even want to have (Ethiopia).

We could bring this awareness and consciousness to Africa, but we also have to create an awareness of African values in ourselves, and especially have to act in accordance with that consciousness. Awareness of everything, for the other (unknown), for development and for the consequences of our actions for others. This is the most important thing if we want to change something, because only then proper action for the situation is possible. And if that happens, we are participating in the development of the world, and then the development of the World can take a new dimension, which consist of individuals taking independently responsibility, who create an unprecedented community (through which new possibilities arise for all people), in which mankind can become one, so that all on this earth can live (together), which otherwise would not be possible anymore.

This step is necessary, because the situation in our world is now changing in a way, that without this step there is no possibility of survival in this world, which is caused by our past actions. We have created the problem, but we can also create the solution, which would make the World a beautiful place. It is now irreversible, environmental change, population density and resources etc., and the conflicts and one-sided ways of thinking (for groups of separate minorities). The awareness and consciousness for our development, as the development of the entire world as one community must happen now, and through this, God will unfold and act in a whole new dimension on this earth, not as a lord and unreachable entity, but specifically in every person (through us) although unimaginable, but understandable through the fact that with Gods consciousness, we also become part of God. This is not something outside of us, this is something in us, to which we can be committed and which we can serve.


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