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Why Development?

What is truth?
What do we live for ?
What is my task in this life?
What needs to change?
How do I bring that change and truth?
Is it more important to be perfectly pure, or is it more important to finally simply act, do that which must be done, which needs change? Does my life belong to me, or does it belong to the development of the world, so that this becomes whole, that God becomes reality in it (lives in it)? Can I ever become content or find happiness, in a life lived only for myself, or only in a life lived for the world, the development? Aren't the realities of the world also as they are, so that something spiritual which does not yet exist as (material) reality, becomes existent and true by the development (of us), so that God will have a new reality, to live and change through many human beeings?

Then waiting does not make at all any sense, it does not only delay life, it also wastes it, and it makes it also much more difficult for something to change later, because the more one lives for oneself, the more one has fear to lose something, and then the habit becomes an obstacle during difficult times, instead of an support, because habit has much power, which we should better use for the good. Waiting is poison for the possibility.

Why don't we do each moment the best possible, in order to do that, which we recognized as the most important. This must not mean to be continuously active, but it must mean that each moment a choice emerges, to seize this and make the best possible decision. The decision to postpone it, is the wrong decision. And by that (by the reaction to whatever comes, with the best decision), a path opens itself, which is much more beautiful, than one could ever plan, planning does not help for this at all, because truth and authenticity can not be planned, but they can be discovered.

People like Mahatma Ghandhi and Nelson Mandela did also not plan in advance that which they have done, they had only a short term plan, which was a reaction to that, which they saw in front of their eyes, through the connection with that which happened around them, their action was a natural reaction to it.

We must allow ourselves to react, without being interested in a picture about us or our life, our interest should be only in the truth, then everything will happen by itself, in the right way. We can not know in advance, what the right thing to do is, but if we are open for our mistakes, and do not stop to act spontaneously, and without any interest for ourselves, then through this the right result will come out of it. We only need to give up control, which we should give to God, because controlling the outcome of something, which goes beyond our power (personal power), which is not possible, can only end up in terrible mistakes (we are only able to control our actions).

What we do, is alone in our power (our responsibility), and God leaves the decision completely to us, but what comes out of it, is something else, it does not need to be our concern, since we can not control it. And what we are, what others are seeing of us, is what we do, what we decide to do, and not what comes out of it, or what we try that it comes out of it, these are only endless cramps around an image, which nobody sees except us, since it does not exist, and does not have any meaning.

If we do the best possible for all people (mankind), then we should not expect any respect or thanks, because the best possible for mankind is not, what people want from us. If we say that we want to do something for others, then everyone wants to receive from us something for himself, for personal gain. But that does not serve mankind. To serve mankind means to do, what continues the development of humans, which is often not what most people want, therefore we will often have to endure disregard and mockery, or will even be confronted with attempts to turn our effort around in such a way, that it finally serves only private interests. To finally serve mankind, means to serve only God, because the goal is, that God is expressed in everyone of us, lives in us, and to give up all personal desires, and serve God in mankind.

Anybody who demands or propagates such or just lives it, will become easily the biggest enemy of the society, which sees itself as mankind. It needs a lot of strength and firmness (courage), not to be diverted from this intention, but through this also more strength is developed, a strength like one did not knew before, a strength which can go ever further. And there will be somebody, who recognizes the beauty and strength of this acting, through his heart, because the longing for this kind of acting, this truth, is hidden in the heart of each human beeing, and if one sees such a thing in others, the heart recognizes this from its own realization, its own knowledge, which was always there. Only the mind can not understand it, the mind hates this simplicity (clarity), it loves the complexity, in which the truth can easily be hidden, in order for not having to act accordingly. But who wants to change himself, according to a deep realization, if this will mean to leave all personal longing behind, to follow only that which is obvious for the heart? Finally there are no secrets in this world, nothing which is hidden, only we need to learn again to see (differently), before we can notice it.


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