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Suppression, the colonialism of today

In most third world countries, people are suppressed by the big international investors (corporations), supported by police and military. The corporations buy or lease forests, mountains, sea regions and so on, which belong to villages, and are their livelihood. Then they exploit these, or destroy them completely for mining. This is easiest at places, where tribes live, who don't know yet anything about the western thinking of greed. The corporations do this purely for short temporary profits, supported by the governments who are looking for investors, who give them money. And in the countries where the governments do not cooperate, not behave like slaves of the industrial nations, the industrial countries create civil war and finance it, in order to cause an overthrow of the government, often directly supported by the military of the industrial countries. The news are distorted accordingly, to make the act look like a liberating act.

The corporations get for their money the rights to ignore all local laws, such as environmental laws, while the local people, if the do not surrender or leave, will be displaced by the police and military, their houses burnt down, or just being shot. Often corporations have themselves military units to do this. And this happens only because of the desire to consume more in the industrialized countries, in which all the wonderful images are shown, about the perfect world. Corporations have the demand to be able to buy all rights, and to put the maximizing of profits as highest goal of all countries, above the rights of people for life, their own life forms, culture, or working opportunities of the local people in order to live.

In some third world countries one can see in the news again and again, how the population which suffers under an investor, looses it's livelihood, starts a protest against the corporation, and how they then are displaced, attacked, or arrested by the military. In other third world countries one can not see that in national media, but there the land, sea or water is still taken away from the people. Specially water resources are a problem in many third world countries, when corporations demand all for themselves, or in cities, when drinking water is privatized by international corporations (through which it becomes unaffordable and unpure). The problem on our planet is, that money has more rights than people.

A solution in third world countries would be, to end the system of giving licenses, so that licenses do not exist anymore, and so that one does not need anymore any license to do something. Then also the ordinary simple people could take part in using the natural ressources of their country, and then the big companies would have to follow the law as well, like for example forest protection. Then all would be equal in their rights, and the problem of corruption would be much smaller, because all would have to follow the law, also the rich ones, and specially follow the same law, not anymore different regulations. This would stop the exploitation of the environment as well as the exploitation of the population. True development of a country can not be measured by looking at the investors and the elite, but only by looking at the situation of the poor in the country, and promotion or support of the economic possibilities of the poor and simple people, to have opportunities for earning money in their own businesses, is the only thing that will lead to sustainable development in a country.

Did you ever realize, that only in cultures that have imaginations about how life should look like, the European and the Chinese ones, people do not eat with their bare hands, not sit on the floor and eat or sleep there? All other cultures eat with their bare hand, do everything on the floor, and also in many other things like the way of thinking are these differences (categorizations). The European and Chinese cultures are also the only ones, who go to many countries in order to occupy or dominate them in their development, are the only industrial nations, are the only one who have intentions of influence (in the case of China not politically, only economically), want that all only live their way of life, their culture. The other ways of life they see as not worth living and inhumane, even though seen from a human perspective it is the other way around.


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