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Intellectual knowledge is causing ignorance

If one lives for longer in various different cultures and societies, together with the local people there, one can see again and again how intellectual knowledge makes people unknowing and specially ignorant, and makes them believe they would know all. And on top of that, intellectually knowing people think that non intellectual people are not able to do anything, like for example traveling in other countries. But in all developing countries there are many, who never went to school, but are going to various countries for work and experience. They are traveling by unconventional methods, have no plan where to go or what to do, integrate themselves into the local society and follow whatever opportunities are opening up in front of them. The intellectuals are so much convinced about their knowledge, that they even become aggressive to others, if these do not fit into their fixed imagination.

The intellectuals education causes that everything happens only in their head, only in their imagination, and never exists in reality, while with the non intellectual all they do and experience happens in reality. The intellectuals have so much wrong information, which is in accordance with the image which was brought into them through their education, but it is not at all as life is, is only the imagination about life. The intellectuals do not know what life is, only the simple non intellectual people know what life is, and can live it as something alive without guaranties (which exist only in the imagination).  Intellectual knowledge is like a prison without windows, one can not see reality anymore, or escape the fixed imagination. Therefore advertising is only functioning with intellectuals, is part of their education (they believe that they need so many things, have expectations about life).

Education through experience is something different, something which happens through the reality of life, and which makes people become good and able people. With intellectual people the small children are so much in the center of everything, that they become necessarily egoists who have expectations about life, theoretical (intellectual) education is nearly always illusion or disformation of knowledge. What I write here is not exaggerated, I have seen it repeatedly in ugly extremes. That is of course only possible to see, if one gives up ones own identity as somebody who knows, and becomes one with life as it is, accepts it as it is. Education as it is mostly designed today, was created to make people blind and conforming, to make them like dead robots. And therefore so many parts of our modern society are exclusively only for intellectual educated people, everywhere one has to give his city address, a bank account and so on, which the simple non intellectuals don't have, or do not live in a city. The simple people do not fit into the system, which controls everything in modern society (and which was created by intellectual city people), but which is in the end just an imagination of the intellectuals. Life is different than it can be imagined, life can only be experienced, but not imagined, and it does not matter at all in which way it comes, because it is alive, not regulated.

It is also important to see that the non intellectuals are practically to much more able, than the intellectuals, because they do not demand conditions, do not have expectations about life, approach everything with the position of learning new things through their action and work, assuming that they do not already know, but just experience. Experiencing what is, can only someone who does not believe to already know all, this is a necessity for being able to live in the alive instead of in the dead. The educated ones are imprisoned by their expectations about life. All people experience always that as comfortable, which is familiar to them, which they became used to through their experiential education. And it makes no difference if that which they are used to, is completely wrong, made up of lies, or is only fake presentations and imaginations, it still feels comfortable, because one feels home in it.

The simple uneducated people do not have certain intentions, and with them life is much more direct, honest and real, without any intention, which is much more beautiful, seen from the view of the uneducated, and still there is this attraction of feeling home in the fake wrong of the intellectuals, if one already has gone through their education. That is strange, but it is like that. People who already went through that intellectual education, will never be able to become a person who really has no intentions, and would feel after some time a longing for creating something. With the simple intention less people, it is not possible to create projects, because they can not see the purpose of creating something, which is not necessary for life. They join only, if in that moment it is fun to play like that. People without intentions also do things which are not necessary for life, but not in order to...  it counts only what they do directly (not indirectly), and if it is just lying around on the floor. Everything which we are so often interested in, is for them just meaningless imagination, they  just have no imagination about ideas or any expectations, and therefore they never need to know in advance, what or where they will work, or where they are going right now, it happens as it comes, they are just going (driving), all which counts is the company (communion) with others together...  And most of cultures on our planet live in this way, this is a much more real and alive life, without lies and dominance of others.


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