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Refugees, migration and class division

Escape from an area is something unavoidable in our world today, because the more we try to maintain our standard of living, and thereby exploit the world or other peoples to realize that, the more we create situations in which other people no longer can survive in their homeland. Also through climate change and other irreversible destructions of our planet, as well as through water monopolization or war, we cause that many peoples can not live in their homeland anymore and have to flee to survive. They need to find a new home in a place, where there are enough resources to absorb them into the local society. Therefore it is often the case, that those who caused the flight most of all, are also those who have the responsibility to take in the refugees.

But in our world today, only the economy and thus the exploitation is global, not the citizenship. People are classified into classes with different rights, because of their background or appearance. There is still no right that is the same for all people, only for those in a defined group. This can depend on the origin, appearance, education, documents or assets. The latter two criteria are particularly arbitrary applicable, because anyone who is not part of the established elite systems with an account or credit card, can loose everything through theft or confiscation by the police.

Why at all the division into classes of people? Why can it still be true today that rights are only ever valid for a few, and that those who are not covered by the local system are beyond the law? Have no rights? Are considered as animals? Why is it not punishable to beat people up, destroy their possessions, let them drown in distress, if these people are not already part of the system in the country in question? Can we not just see people as humans, whether or not they have been denied access to a system? People fleeing need more protection than others, and should not be exempt from all protection as practiced today.

We all can become homeless, that is not in our power, these are the consequences of globalisation in the economy, in environmental destruction and war, each with global consequences. Why is citizenship a privilege that is denied to almost everyone who is not yet in the system? Why can we not just accept new things around us, share the resources among all, view people as citizens of our planet, no matter where they come from? If you want to realize a world in local borders, where people are not free to choose where they live, you have to live from local resources, you can not claim all the resources of the world, and then on top travel virtually free around the world as an elite person, just because you can afford to spend only a month in each country by having lots of money...

Why is it an offense in our world, such as theft or murder, if you live in another place than your origin and want to become part of the local society? The ordinary people of all non-elite countries do not understand that, because they often have to move somewhere else, where they can work, be it within their own country or within our planet. They are tolerant and welcome everyone who follows their lifestyle. They see it as a gain. They say for example, you also have to live, work to eat, why is it a crime? But those who belong to the elite, want only the accumulation of resources, not of fellow human beings, do not want to share but to gather. Therefore the atrocities against refugees will get worse, it will become an inhuman planet sinking into war about resources and elitism.

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