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The world belongs to those who have the money:

Still, our economic growth can be realized by means of constant new development of fertile soil through deforestation. But in a few years there will be no more primeval forest to be cleared. But Forest is the only thing that can grow in the long term in hot regions. We have forgotten how to live in a kind of society that has a future for eternity. We could learn this from native people, but we are destroying their way of life before we have seized the opportunity.

The needs of the Western consumer system have invented globalization. These needs have then also led to certain survival difficulties in hotter countries due to climate change. Global cooperation is certainly required, but unfortunately globalization has not brought about a worldwide distribution, but worldwide confiscation. Companies have the money to simply buy up a troubled country. We have long known that our earth can not cope, if all are financially able to follow the Western system. Nevertheless, all that is done is this unlimited economic growth, the multiplication of advantages.

We think being smart is when you get it to secure more benefits. The advertising tells us that we are stupid if we do not have all the advantages with us, even those we can not use, and then consume and destroy our entire planet. "If I do not, others do, and I am only the stupid." So all decisions are made by money and not by people. We humans are enslaved, are only the performers and the suffering ones, and only because we are afraid of the loss of the perfect world, which the advertising pretends to us.

Imagine there would be no lobby or advertising, and everyone would only earn and buy what he thinks of himself. Of course, this would be a disaster for the system, it could not afford defense measures (weapons, prerogatives of raw materials, etc.), these things which only endanger the survival of mankind.

The fear of being unable to compete with consumerism is just greater than the fear of any collective suicide. And yet it does not satisfy us, because we do not see what our longing to want to be part of something and to want to change something is based on. Because of the stressed striving for ever greater, we have already completely lost our own roots, environmentally, psychologically culturally and spiritually related. We would be able to see this, if we would analyze the causes of our dreams. But who has the time to do that, let alone sleep?

Only those who have dared to renounce the apparent safety of the benefit, who have given themselves to life, instead of making demands, have discovered how beautiful, simple, and genuine life can be. But they have also lost interest in convincing others, because that would only lead to their lifestyle being forbidden.


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why do we destroy our world and its variety, before we try to understand it...