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People in Western countries have already destroyed their natural environment, and have left their own from other areas differing culture as well, in favor of an intellectually created and consumer oriented life form. Because people in western countries now have no more natural environment, and also no longer live in a naturally grown culture, only therefore they can see nature and culture as such with its values and variations.

For people who still have natural environment around them such as original forest (and even if it is only partially) nature is something naturally existing, of which they naturally think that it will never disappear, and its value can not be seen by them, because it is natural. They also can not see the value of their own grown culture, but they see the few benefits of an intellectually created way of life, which is shown to them through the media.

For people who have not ruined their natural environment, and have therefore not yet lost it, it is not possible to reognise its value. Only through the loss of something natural its value becomes visible. This can not be learned through education, this can only come from one's own experience of loss. However, for these people it is possible to live in the natural environment without the need for the westerners "survival tools", without ever missing something. Therefore, in countries where the natural environment is not yet completely destroyed, it constantly continues to disappear, often to nourish the consumption hunger of Western countries.

We Westerners can not expect people in any developing country to want to protect or preserve their nature, although we are aware of how much they will regret it later. Therefore we Westerners have the sole responsibility for the condition of nature in all countries, and also for the survival of different cultures and ways of life of other cultures that often do not meet our thinking. We need to recognize this, and we must strive to find the other values in order to protect them before it's too late. There is very little left compared to the speed in which it is destroyed...


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why do we destroy our world and its variety, before we try to understand it...