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An example: What Mali needs in 2006
  • Building method of houses, which is cool, but cheaply.
  • Medicine system with diagnosis, best more traditionally.
  • School not so much like in the west, but suitable for African thinking/acting.
  • Afforestation program for large forests with usage.
  • African products on the market at African prices.
  • Delimitation of internal-African trade restrictions (customs). Creation of African commercial zone, similarly to the European Union. Give up the currency connection with Europe, but keep/create African monetary union.
  • No more foreign credits take, only internal-African credits.
  • Economic independence from the industrial nations.
  • Make African interests and identity known in the world.
  • Improve television program (its view more in life and more emotional), then it also becomes usable for the above.
  • Self-interest in all the above points.
  • Less humans (get less children) because of limited area for agricultural land.
  • Other interests than family, like e.g. occupation, so that the necessity for the many children, that create the feeling of a fulfilled life, is omitted. Or in the situation of more rich people, where this does not help, split the families into smaller groups, but that would destroy the culture.

Project possibilities in Mali

  • Planting trees along all roads, which are always green, and planting forests everywhere where there are no fields, without breeded animals in it, so that the ground can become green and soil can recreate itself.
  • Cultural events, to help develop new ways of Malien culture, to avoid that the old values are beeing replaced by Western culture.
  • Create New tasks and goals for young people, such as creating working communities in which they build something like garbage disposal, micro-credit, ride sharing or (job-) education, to live together in a group of various professions (everyone pays a percentage of his income).
  • Revolutionize house construction with existing materials, but built in a way that the walls and roofs no longer heat up. In the city possibly with tunnels, in the villages through underground houses with forest overhead (in hills so that they will not be flooded). The old houses of the rich in the city are already built cool (with archways in front of the rooms).
  • Help Malien people to create productive companies, in which many Maliens find work (product manufacturing or service, which otherwise is done by children without pay). But don't take existing paid work away from others.
  • Promote traditional doctors and encourage and help with more (further) training.
  • Doctors that travel from village to village to treat all the longterm sick (prescribe medicine because they do not know what disease they or the whole family has).


Investors from abroad are not a solution for development, although they create cheap jobs. But the big profit, all the money of the country, goes to the owner abroad. No investor would bring money into the country, if he can not get a lot more money back out of the country. This is modern colonianism, it's just in a different form.

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