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How to travel to experience life and the way of thinking of people?

To get to know life in other continents, and not to perceive only ones own culture, it is important to travel in the same way as the local people do. This means not spending more money than the local people, bring much time and spontaneously react to opportunities, which means often a change of destination, and maybe sleep on the street, which of course is only possible with minimal luggage.

To contact with the people around oneself, in the same spontaneous way as it happens between the local people, it is important to travel alone, because two foreigners will, without realising it, always be busy with themselves, rather than with their surroundings, and therefore see more their own culture, which is in the way of really seeing. Also the locals will never approach two foreigners as openly from pure interest, as a single traveller. If one wonders around like them, at various locations without a task, different people will come spontaneously to approach one, in tourist locations often to do business, but in places without tourists usually only with real interest to the foreigner with limitless hospitality.

Where it is best to travel, for getting to know how life is in most places (not at the everywhere spoiled tourist places), we usually discover only by chance during the trip, because tourist guides are useless for this experience. And then when you go to these places, where there are often no roads, and therefore no means of transport, of course we behave like the local people and live with them in their homes (or in the town rent a room). In the city, this is easily possible, in the countryside it is better to turn up with someone from the countryside whom one got to know in the city. Through this life with the local people (at least one month at one place), within a few days one becomes part, not just of the family in which one lives, but soon the whole village (or the whole street in the city).

Of course, this is only possible if one is open for everything, shares food with them, limits ones possessions to something easily imaginable for them, to things they also have (possibly only a few clothes), and shares everything with them as they do with one. Of course afterwards, one can give those who gave a lot something as compensation, but not so much that it is outside the local conditions, because it often creates a dispute among the people (and don't let the people bleed for their hospitality). From the new residence one will soon move around with a new friend to see and get to know the whole area, because as a friend of a local person, one becomes everybody's friend and will be welcome everywhere, while a single foreigner is often confronted with mistrust, because people can not imagine what the foreigner wants, and suspect bad motives.

It is important not only to get to know the local culture and ways of thinking, but also to appreciate and love them (live through them), even if they are backward, or seem unbearable for any Westerner, because only then one can learn to understand people, and discover wonderful values which are lost in the west. To have a time limit makes this impossible, and one could almost live at all these places forever (become part of society). While betrayal can often happen, one can learn how to recognize it, and not to blame people for it, but also not to trust blindly, but still have a limitless openness, because only then everything will open in front of ones eyes, there's nothing to lose.

One can not plan or force a good connection or experience to come, one can only openly embrace all invitations that are arising, and the kind of invitation one can only influence by choosing the location where to go. The opportunities are not coming again, one has to take them when they arise, usually following the local peole without knowing where they will go or what to expect. Except if the others are inviting you to do something which is for yourself, then this is a clear signal that it is something bad with a trap. And usually it is the only signal for that. One needs to learn to recognise that.

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