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Why do so many people appreciate activism and its way (strength) of changing our world in which we live, and the same time there are only few actually using activism to change the world? Why are so many frightened to be part of that, while seeing that things do need to change and nobody does it? why does hardly anybody wants to take the risk (mainly personal risk) that doing it brings, and prefers to have their personal life sorted out within a miserable unchanged world?

Everybody should be involved in activism (on different levels), because only then the world will become as we want it to be, activism is the voice of the people (society), and the strength of people (society) to change everything in unimaginable ways. We have the power, but are afraid of it, because we think in personal ways, how not to be involved (also not in the consequences), and by doing so, we get the impression that we are powerless. But if one does things that are unimaginable to most people to do, then one discovers an unknown strength, the limit is only in our minds, and it will disappear the more we go beyond what we can imagine (we get used to it).

If we decide to do it anyway, and are open to all the consequences, specially emotionally, then we will feel all the frightening implications and circumstances in advance and deal with them (suffer from them). This will allow us to prepare ourselves in a way, that we have gone through it before we do it, and because of this openess to the inner barriers inside ourselves, we will be able to have the perfect relationship to what we are going to do as an activist, we will be able to be so calm in the midst of doing the most outrageous thing, that everything seems to happen by itself without any effort, an Buddha like state (in activism) that even reflects to everybody around us in a way that others see nothing wrong with it, and are amazed by what is happening.


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