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The people of Africa often want to change something themselves in their country, but they are missing the necessary money to do it, it does not need much, but even in Africa it is not completely possible without money.

The African initiatives which are described on this website, have until now no support from outside of their country. They are born from single individualistic local people, who recognise problems in their society and therefore want to change something.


Warning about the Rich

If you as a westerner go to developing countries with the intention to do something good there, you will find out very soon, that the rich of the developing country will pull you towards them like a magnet. They will find your goals good, they will make suggestions to you how they can help you with their connections, to build something big, and they will even offer you money and other material help to realise that project.

But be warned to go that way, because then it will become impossible to be with the poor and needy themselves together. The rich will want to have (buy) you exclusively for themselves, to use you as promotion for their interests (create an image of somebody who does something great, but in reality just build a big influencial system). For the poor nothing will come out of it, even in the long term, because they have very different needs than the rich can imagine. Within the thinking of the rich, you will never be able to know their real needs (like for example rights or having equal chances, not something like a building which can be put there with money, that would just be a symbol that serves only the rich).

If you do not want to fall in this trap, you will have to fight konsequently to have nothing to do with the rich, sadly it is like that. And you also have to give up to have a program or material measurable concrete goal. Instead you can only react to the situation that comes towards you while living with the poor, because then this is from their interest, for their development in their way of thinking.


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