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I would wish you to come here, so I can show you all about our life, but I know you might not come. I think it is important to see, because the things coming from your country to Ethiopia to help us, are not getting to the poor people, they are beeing used by people in power and with money, to develop their personal life, by for example selling all the tins with cooking oil in town, that are donated by the USA and have written on"not for sale" on them. This way, giving things from western countries to Africa without getting involved over here will not help, you have to get involved here, see everything for yourself and invest directly in people, not through middlemen. The reason is, that without changing the character of manypeople, it will not change. Many people are interested to change, I would like to change the living situation for all the disadvantaged people in my town, but we don't know how, and the ones who could are not interested.

Dessie, Ethiopia
- 21 May, 2007
Dear All

One student of a collage in Ethiopia has the wish to get more interested people to come to Ethiopia for help. Because I recognised his honest interest, I told him he should write this, he gave me the following text:

To you
I want to call you or invite you to do something on the people of Ethiopia, especially on the young generation, because this generation canbring up the countries development. As you know our country is categorised with developing countries, and also this generation is going on the bad waymostly. So they need something supporting from you, which means support of education and other aids. I want to convince you to do something as a humanbeeing, because we suffered by different burdens. The society has not a good attitude about job and work, this most powerful generation rather spends his time by eating drugs and by fighting each other. When selecting they give high value to some work and they disregard other work, but this is not goodfor the development, so you better work on this generation. I have a plan to change this bad habits, I already arranged a project to bring up this people. So as much as you can be with me and and other assertive people we have to achieve our project. The project will be about giving awareness about the importance of work and about belongingness, because this is a basic instrument to live and bring development, and abort the impact of drugs to proceed their (our) duty. The project involves this and other issues.

He added verbally the following:
Ethiopia is in an hopeless state, in which the people have given up to improve the situation, instead theu take drugs (Chad). I want to transform my country, want to give hope to my country to develop, I know many things here are not good, because the people are not doing anything to change it, but I also do not want the the western people think only negativ about Ethiopia. To give new impulses, to change something, we will need people who know what is possible, and because you from western countries know what is possible, and because you have the necessary understanding which we do not have, therefore I ask you to come into my country, and to help to change the situation here. You will be very welcome and eagerly expected. I (we) need people, with this understanding to work together with, because within my people here I can not find a single person with this interest to change something for the better in this country, and without just wanting to gain for ones own situation. Then this country can become something beautiful, from which its citizens do not want to flee anymore. Don't forget us, because here the understanding (which exists within your society), is not yet existing, I am looking (longing) for it completely alone.

Responses please to wege(a)

Henok e-mail: wege(a)
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
- 05 May, 2007


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