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Mali, fishing village near Mopti, 2007
A fishing village near Mopti. Their village is usually on a wide dry land between several arms of the river, but it becomes a tiny island during the raining season. Some houses collapsed already, because the water has touched them. Others have to live now on their boats. Without boats they would not be able to go anywhere. In the past they were catching many big fishes, but now there are only small fishes left, because the people are becoming more and more, and are catching too much, all resources are getting exhausted, and people are not aware of these problems. Most people are still getting many children (if rich enough with several wife's), as many as possible, sometimes 10 or even 30, so that they can not remember all of them later in life.

Mali, farming village, 2007
This village is a typical farming village, surrounded by rice fields, that are in the flooding area, so that the fishermen are fishing with boats inside their rice fields. The farmer village has walls around each family home, and is designed so that on the outside there are everywhere walls with only very few entrances (sometimes only two), which lead into a system of narrow corridors between the homes. Here people live more separate and are not as open to visitors as the fishermen. All this area has no school, the only school which exists here is a Koran school, with a marabou who is known in the area for his magic abilities. This village also has an area (like many other villages), where young people live, who decided to leave their family and the system of every person serving every other older person. Here they live together with other children (no adults), and they work for the village on the village fields, so that the village gives them food in return.


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