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Ethiopia, Lasta 3500m

Ethiopia, path to the high plateu, 2006-2007
This path from the market to the high plateau (3800m high) takes most of the day to walk, and in the raining season one can not see anything, because one is covered in clouds. At one place at this path, an old woman is selling dry bred and beer for the people passing by. The donkeys, which are used for transport, can not use this dangerous path, therefore people have to carry everything (up to 40kg per person) on their shoulders. With the thin air, this is very exhausting, but it feels like walking in heaven above earth.

Ethiopia, Lasta, 2006
During the raining season this area is very beautiful with a wide view only in the morning and evening over the deep land below on all sides of this plateau, which is not more than 20km from one side to the other. About 40 years ago people lived here only as a whole village in one cave and were wearing no clothes beside one fur in winter over the shoulder. In the raining season this high plateau is very cold with regularly ice, and the heavy rain is creating wild rivers that also kill people who try to get home. Still now only 10% of the children are going to school, even though an organisation has build enough schools in this area. Most families in these villages have many cows and cheep, which are herded either by the men or mostly by the children, but they eat only on 5 days a year meat, the cows are only for milk and to be sold on the market.


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