Living Change



If we are new at another location which has a completely different way of life than the one we are used to (not in the city), then this creates a very strong feeling, because we are not able yet to see the reality of that other way of life yet as it is. Later when we live already long time in this new way of life, and have integrated into it, only then we can see how it really is, and then there is nothing special anymore, there never was anything special except our feeling.

This feeling is now of course not there anymore. That doesn't mean that we can not feel anymore, it only means we have integrated. But becauyse we are now part of it, we not only are not able anymore to see anything special about it, we also are not able anymore to describe this way of life anymore, not able to write anything about it. The writing about it and expressing the feeling about it, is only possible as long as we have not integrated completely into the other way of life yet, as long as we still see it from the outside. Therefore writing reports like the ones on this website is only possible up to a certain point, after that not anymore, even though one can see the reality of life only afterwards as it is.

Out of this situation that one has already integrated, it can look like one is not able to remember many things from the past, but I believe this is just another aspect of this Change. Because of this effect, of course one can not see anymore anything of the newly adapted culture as one saw it before, specially the feeling connected to it, because it can not appear anymore, because now one sees the reality of life there as it is and as it always was.

And the city people of that other country who come to one in the countryside, will never have the same feeling as one has as foreigner, because they are coming from a different way of life. But they will have a different feeling, which is also different than the reality, but still able to describe the way of life there, but never as we saw it.


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